Saturday, 10 September 2011

I feel good today.

For a while now I've been feeling a bit "down" because I've felt like I'm not doing anything. I know I'm working and all that, and I try to stay positive, but t's just how I've felt. But I'm feeling quite a bit better now.

Last night I booked the trip to Cairns that I wrote about. Everything is sorted, hostel is booked, 3-day tour is booked and flights are booked! I'm already getting excited about it, at least I won't have to wait too long.
I'm also thinking about going in to Brisbane again next Friday, I want to sort out an Australian bank account so I won't have to pay for everything with my Norwegian card or cash. I pay cash when I can, but when I book things I have to pay by card.
Funny looking duck...
The Mother and I went for a walk today, she wanted to see how long it takes to walk to one of the nearby train-stations, so that maybe she can walk or cycle some mornings instead of taking the car. It took us about an hour to walk, so it'll probably take half an hour if she takes the bike. I thought it was nice to find out as well, as that way, if I want to go somewhere I won't have to rely too much on The Mother or The Father being able to take me, I can just walk to the train station, as long as I don't have too much to carry that is, like for day-trips or something.
I remembered to bring my camera for our walk, and that's where the pictures in this post is from.
So, I feel good today because I feel like I've been doing something. Both with the booking of the trip up to Cairns, and also going for a walk. I've been thinking about going for a walk for a while, I've just been too lazy  to get around to it, so when The Mother suggested it I pretty much jumped at the chance. So now that I've been for one walk, and it felt great, I will try to get better at going for walks. I walk to and from The Girl's school every day, but for some reason that doesn't really feel like a WALK, it's just getting to school. A necessity.

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Kaby said...

That's brilliant that you've booked the Cairns trip. It always feels better to be taking some action, doesn't it? It sounds like your employer is being nice and flexible and maximising your time away - so that's good. Can't wait to see your photos.


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