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Guest post: Turn left, turn right?

Turn left, turn right?
By Nicky Curtis, web author at

I am 29 years old and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Apparently this isn't unusual, yet everyone I know seems to have a plan. I have no plan. I would have no idea what to put on a plan if I thought about making one. I'm good at lists; plans, not so much. 
This is because I'm not known for my decision making skills, and I have ideas that switch from one degree to the next with speed enough to give you whiplash. It's quite the skill when you think about it, unfortunately not one to put on a CV. 
Over the last ten years I've had ideas that range from working in childcare, to beauty therapy, to overseas repping, back to beauty therapy, cruise ships and teaching. You couldn't get a bigger range if you tried. Well maybe if you threw chef into the mix, but I really have no intention to do that, I wouldn't want to poison people, I have too much of a consience. 
I try things, I like them quite a lot for a while, I get bored or something happens to make it tough to carry on, then I think about it a bit and come to the conclusion it's not going to work. So I start again with a different idea. Some would call this being fickle. I call it searching for the right option. It is what is famously known amongst my family and friends as "doing a Nicky". This is where I am patted on the head, looked at with an expression that suggests I'm a bit simple and people go 'awww bless'. This situation generally occurs when I have an idea to learn a new skill, new language, decide to change career, re-train, move out, move abroad or go on holiday for longer than is socially acceptable. I get this a lot, as you can imagine. 
Some would say I'm lost, I say I'm searching. One day I will find the right option, stick at it and be bloody good at it - I'll show you all!
I think this soul searching may be because I come from a pretty traditional family. My sister has gone down the route of finding a man, marrying him, having two sprogs and living in the village we grew up in, working in the village we grew up in, and probably never leaving the village we grew up in. The thought of a life never getting out and seeing the world makes me hyperventilate and demand brown paper bags. I love my sister to bits, I truly do, but we are very different. I sometimes wonder how two people who came from the same womb can be so different. But because my sister is the eldest by 11 years, I guess my wanderlust and general refusal to settle is seen by some as, well, pretty abnormal really. My argument to that is, who wants to be normal?
By reading this, I imagine some of you have the general idea I'm quite flaky. Well you wouldn't be wrong. I am a bit, I won't deny it, it's a girl's perogative. I just think it's impossible to really know what you want to do with your life until the right thing falls into your lap. Some people are lucky, they know that they want to be, I don't know, say, a nurse, from a very young age, so they do all the necessary things you need to do to become a nurse, and then they get their dream job. Boom, they're made for life. And that's great for them, until the inevitaible boredom sets in. Some of us have no clue until it happens, and there's nothing wrong with that. 
So if ever you find yourself with one of those famous looks aimed at you, the one I get when I'm "doing a Nicky", don't worry, because, girls and boys, one day karma will come around and that thunderbolt from the blue will hit, you will know exactly what you need to do and which direction to go in and it will all fall into place. Either that, or pay a visit to Mystic Meg, I'm sure she'll know exactly what to do .....
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....Petty Witter said...

A great guest post, there are worse things to be than flaky.

Nicky said...

Thank you! And I agree, why settle for less, when you know you can achieve more?!


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