Thursday, 22 September 2011

Baby talk.

Listening to The Boy I can't help but wonder what he's talking about, or thinking about.

Goi goi go ga wah.

I wonder if babies can understand each other. And if so, if you take a baby from an English speaking country/family and one from say a Chinese or Russian speaking family, will they be able to understand each other?

They don't always seem like they're able to understand us.... or maybe they just don't want to do what we tell them to?

And what do babies think about? There seems to be loads going through their little heads sometimes.

The Boy will sometimes look off into the distance, sometimes randomly giggling as he does so. I wonder if he has an imaginary friend. Or maybe he sees a ghost?

It would be fun to know what's really going on in their heads. Even if someone was able to remember what they thought about as babies when they got older, it wouldn't ve the same as those thoughts would then be "tainted" with age and experience etc.

Someone should invent a baby translator or something, like those that's in cartoons.


Kaby said...

Mmmmm, similarly, I wonder if dogs and other animals can communicate like that - across languages. If I put Sunny in with a bunch of huskies in Lapland, would they share a common language? I klijke to think so.

Leslie said...

lol @ a baby translator!! I think we all could use one of them. : )

Kevin Newman said...

Baby translators would be awesome, as well as dog translators.. I would love to know what Luna was thinking sometimes :D


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