Friday, 2 September 2011

Whale Watching

We went whale watching at the Gold Coast this morning.
It was a bit boring at first, there weren't many whales and the few that we saw was so far away that we didn't really see them after all... And there were quite a few people standing in front of me so I wasn't able to see anything. This crazy guy walked along on this really thin "ledge" in front of the captains window to see if he could spot anything, I'm sorry, but why would you do that? Especially when the waves was making it difficult to stand even with both feet firmly planted on the deck... Luckily I don't get sea sick.
Crazy dude! Not very young either...
After a long time trying to get close to some whales, we moved to another spot, where there was three whales playing, these ones got up quite close to the boat and I got some good pictures. It was also just amazing to watch them.
Apparently they were two young males trying to get the attention of a female whale.
As I was watching these whales I heard someone say: "Why didn't we go here first?!"
Uhmmm.... Because they're wild animals and they don't just stay in one place all the time? They actually move.
It was amazing to watch these lovely animals up close, and I'm really glad I've done it. I also learned that Norway, along with two other countries, are the only ones that still kill whales! I've had whale meat, but I'm never really thought about that other countries doesn't have it because they don't kill them!

Even though I got a voucher so that I can go again cheap, I don't think I will. It was an amazing experience, but now that I've done it it's not one of those things I would do again (not paying for it anyway). But I would recommend it as they are just amazing animals to watch.

Have any of you been whale watching before?

After whale watching we went to "Maccas " for lunch, not very exciting, but, they had some new Mc Flurry's and I just had to get the one that looked the most unnatural: Bubblegum Squash. It was alright actually, but it looked like something out of a cartoon!
It did look a bit better on their photo though....

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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....Petty Witter said...

What an amazing experience to see these wonderful creatures like this ..... that sea looks a bit choppy though.


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