Saturday, 10 September 2011

My first "adult party"

I went to my first sex-party tonight.

Before I went I thought it was well out of  my comfort zone, it's not really the kind of thing I would go
to. It was actually quite fun though. I don't think it would have been as fun had I been sober. I also met some new people.

I bought two bottles of wine yesterday, The Mother and I had half a bottle last night (one glass each that is), I had the other half of that bottle before we went to the party tonight. The other bottle I brought with me and drank while we were there.

A few of us stayed late as well. The Husband of the lady throwing it came back with the kids (none of them were allowed in the house while the party was going). And after the kids had gone to bed and I had finished my wine they brought out the  tequila. I've never had tequila before so I thought I'd give it a shot. I only filled up half a shot glass, but as it had stood in their cupboard for a while it was probably quite strong. I didn't have any salt or lemon. And it tasted horrible! I even had a sip of The Mother's Jim Bean just to get the taste out of my mouth!
But yeah, the party was fun, and I wouldn't mind going to one again, which I wouldn't have thought before I went tonight.

Have a nice Saturday night/Sunday morning everyone!

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